Photo: Dancehall Diva Stacious Wears Extremely Skimpy Shorts To Club

Stacious 2014

(Best of Elite) - Photo: Stacious Wears Extremely Skimpy Shorts

One of dancehall's finest divas decided to show some skin on her night out.

Stacious stepped out sporting a black jacket top, extremely skimpy shorts and a pair a black stylish pumps to compliment her outfit.

See Stacious in Extremely Skimpy Shorts below:

Stacious has definitely lost a lot of weight and is now looking fabulous, the diva also recently launched her own lil diet business called 'Scrumptious Diet Club.'

The dancehall diva shares a few daily workout routine tips and meals to help persons like herself who are struggling with excess body weight.

As for her musical journey, Stacious still walks the path, releasing  tracks which sells her image and personality.

Stacious, back in March had a chat with Onstage host Winford William, where she discussed her amazing weight loss program, marriage and working with corporate giants.

Watch Stacious as she talks with Winford Williams below;